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#Project365 2022 week 12

Day 78: beautiful daffodils from my boss who was pleased I was back from Covid. Sun shining, kids playing, lawn mower waiting.

Day 79: out for a walk to try to rebuild my lung strength as I’m still very breathless (won’t be running for a while…)

Day 80: well, how am I supposed to get up on a Monday when there are snuggles to be had

Day 81: I have been very lax in my parenting and not shown Anya how to do daisy chains. Time to remedy that! Glowing parents’ evening report from her teacher too!

Day 82: Matthew’s turn for parents’ evening and all his teachers said how wonderful hw is. Super proud of his grades but he only sees the PE average mark and is heartbroken :,(

Day 83: a blood fest in the evenings as we watch the final season of The Last Kingdom


Day 84: finally Friday and a curry to celebrate us all being well. Except for our poor friend who was supposed to join us but tested positive in the morning!


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  1. I am glad you are feeling a bit better after Covid. What a lovely gift from your boss, daffodils are such a cheery flower.
    It sounds like the kids are doing really well at school. You must be so proud. x

  2. Well done both Anya and Matthew on their school feedback and progress. Glad you’re getting back out to exercise. Must be frustrating still feeling not quite right with breathlessness. It’s been such lovely weather hasn’t it. We’ve enjoyed being out in the garden too.

  3. Those daffodils from your boss are lovely. Hope your lung strength improves soon. Lovely photo of you and Zach having snuggles. Well done to Matthew on his grades – they’re fantastic. Sorry that he is disappointed by the PE one though. That looks like a very yummy curry to end the week with. #project365

  4. Oh no about your friend, glad all is better though in your house. Love the magnolia tree and the daffs in the garden. Oh dear to the PE mark, I understand where he;’s coming from. I always highlighted the effort mark with my kids, doing their very best, regardless of the outcome.

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