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#Project365 2022 week 11

Days 71-72: no photos as I was ill with Covid and looking after Zach who had a tummy bug. Very tough couple of days 🙁 Day 73: a few failed attempts but finally happy with my latest crochet pattern trials Day 74: I couldn’t wait to try this vegan and gluten free pie and really […]

My Covid diary: day 10 at last!

So I have reached day 10 of Covid! I would not wish this illness on anyone and dread to think how ill I would have been without being fully vaccinated. Day 0 saw me test positive after a day at school when I hadn’t felt too bad. Just a slight feeling at the back of […]

#Project365 2022 week 10

Day 64: March is here so running is back! I took it easy with 2.25 miles and was a teensy bit proud of myself. Day 65: a slightly weird feeling in the back of my nose and throat but I went out for another run! Feeling invincible and ready to face the week… Day 66: […]

Covid strikes again!

Exactly a month after Matthew and Anya tested positive for Covid, now I’ve got it! I had a vague ill feeling in the back of my nose and throat on Sunday but didn’t feel too bad so headed into work on Monday. I was surprised that the number of Covid cases among the children at […]

Our Covid diary: days 5-7

So Matthew and Anya tested positive for Covid last week and we have been zealously testing me, Chris and Zach but no sign of any second lines on those pesky tests of ours! I have skipped a few days in the ‘diary’ as not much has happened. Regular text messages reminding us of the legal […]