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Things I am Thankful For In Lockdown…

…and dreading when ‘normality’ resumes! Things are gradually shifting back to pre-Covid and although the lifting of all restrictions has been postponed I have enjoyed some aspects of lockdown: Saving money. Wow, we have saved on petrol, takeaways, days out, school trips etc. I hope that we can spend the money on holidays and family […]

#Project365 2021 week 20

Day 136: freedom! My self isolation is over and it was good to be able to leave the house for a run!   Day 137: back to work. Took the ants back and felt really sad! They had spent a week above my desk and were totally captivating   Day 138: rainbow! Can you believe […]

#Project365 2021 week 19

Day 129: a bit of a strange angle but some blue sky to contrast with yesterday‘s run. Day 130: sooooo, there was a positive case in my class and our bubble was sent home to self isolate. I brought the class’s pet ants with me and they are fascinating! Day 131: mixing together my cheat’s […]

How to help your child adjust to being back at school

The end of lockdown in sight. It has been tough for parents, teachers, children, EVERYONE! Some children (and parents) will be thrilled that schools are fully reopening next week but others will be cautious and need extra reassurance. Getting ready Give them information about the school routine and structure of the day. Talk about the […]

5 reasons why this lockdown feels tougher than last time

Last March, I waltzed into lockdown like it would be our saviour and covid would soon be forgotten. Now almost a year on, we have been home for 2 months and have a roadmap back to some semblance of normality but with the admission that lives will be sacrificed. This lockdown in 2021 has felt […]