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How to make a British cup of tea

So there is a viral video on TikTok showing an American woman making a British cup of tea. Except it isn’t. She uses a microwave to make a tepid revolting travesty that does not even begin to equate to the Great British cuppa. Matthew is now 10 so I decided it was time to teach […]

Daily nutrients, weight loss and more at the Vegan Supplement Store

Since becoming vegan, I have discovered that my eating habits are not what I thought. I used to graze (snack!) during the day but I find it more difficult now as I cannot have nuts and fresh fruit due to my allergies. Plus I was drinking about a pint of milk which kept me feeling […]

#Blogmas18 day 10: Christmas cocktails

I am not really a fan of cocktails any more (wine, it’s all about the wine now!) But Christmas simply wouldn’t be Christmas without a Snowball. The simplest way to make this is to mix together advocaat and lemonade in equal measure (or adjust to your own taste and need!) Of course, in this cold […]

#MySundayPhoto fancy a cuppa?

Zach has discovered hot chocolate thanks to Grandma but he keeps saying ‘cup of tea’. He is also extremely proud of himself!