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Wedding Wednesday: picking the perfect bouquet

  My wedding flowers have arrived! It makes the whole thing start to feel a bit more real! I won’t share pics of my flowers until my big day but I thought I’d tell you a little of the thought process that went into this very tricky decision! The first decision I had to make […]

#MySundayPhoto help me identify this flower!

This bush in our garden has always had white flowers but this year it has red ones as well (you can see the white bud next to the red flower in the top pic). There are also some that are white with one or two red petals! Any ideas what it is?

Flowers (Blogtober day 6)

I love flowers, so beautiful, so vibrant, a shot of colour for the home, but I would never buy them for myself. I also dislike cut flowers as I was brought up to think they should be in a garden for everyone to enjoy. Chris surprised me with some flowers this morning. #feelingloved #flowers #flowerstagram […]