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Flowers (Blogtober day 6)

I love flowers, so beautiful, so vibrant, a shot of colour for the home, but I would never buy them for myself. I also dislike cut flowers as I was brought up to think they should be in a garden for everyone to enjoy.

Maybe once or twice a year Chris will surprise me with a bouquet. I suppose that is why I appreciate them because they are unexpected. My mother in law sent me a gorgeous vase display of flowers after the birth of Zach and that was a complete surprise and made me feel very emotional (and grateful!)

Our apple tree in bloom. Looking forward to crumble… #sunnyday #apples #baking

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This is our apple tree covered in blossom back in the spring. Flowers symbolise life and vitality. We have gorgeous roses across the front of our house and enjoy a range of flowers in our back garden during the summer. But a simple daisy is like the most precious thing to a child and pretty amazing for us grown ups too.

The one flower in our garden!

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