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Happy Halloween! Smashers review and giveaway!

Back at Blog On Toys in September, I found out about Smashers which are a new collectible toy and series 2 arrives in eyeballs! Perfect for Halloween, bwah, ha ha ha (evil laugh) There are over 100 to collect and some glow in the dark (again fab for Halloween or just fun to have on […]

#MySundayPhoto Halloween

You can’t have failed to notice that this week it was Halloween! I begrudgingly took my older two out trick or treating. I actually loved watching their little excited faces (or sensing it in Matt’s case due to the mask…) and was feeling the Halloween spirit. The next day I found out some idiots had […]

I’m a Halloween hater, sorry!

I have never been a fan of Halloween and now that it has grown in popular culture I like it even less. The only problem is… my kids love it! We recently bought them new costumes for the amazing price of only £3.99 each at Aldi. They are completely obsessed with their costumes. Matthew insisted […]

Scary Peeper for Halloween: review and giveaway!

Now if I say this is the most revolting, grotesque thing I have ever been sent to review, then you could be excused for avoiding it…But don’t! On this occasion it is actually intentional! I was sent a Scary Peeper to try out in advance of Halloween and it would also be fun for practical […]