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#Project365 2022 week 29

Day 199: setting up the pool ready for some HOT HOT HOT weather! Day 200: Anya watering the garden in her own unique style Day 201: the grass everywhere is soooooo dry! Day 202: temperature was nearly 40 degrees so an hour chilling in the pool after work was a little bit of perfection Day […]

#Project365 2022 week 28

Day 192: who needs furniture when you can sit in a box? Day 193: cooling off   Day 194: I managed to locate Matthew’s old school shorts for Zach to wear during the heatwave Day 195: and I’ve unleashed my legs and toes on the world too Day 196: a very hot sports day Day […]

How to stay healthy in a heatwave

Summer is here in the UK and the heatwave has struck! It can actually be quite dangerous, even fatal, so it is important to take steps to stay cool. To avoid dehydration and heatstroke follow these top tips: Drink plenty of water. Try to avoid alcohol and caffeine Close curtains and windows on the sunny […]

#MySundayPhoto heatwave

Just 3 months ago it seemed like winter would never end. The snow and rain just kept coming! Now the heatwave feels like it will never end either! Bikini time again!