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Looking for our forever home

We are going on a house hunt, we want to find a big one! Well, bigger but within our budget! Don’t get me wrong. We LOVE our current home, which we have lived in for 5 years. BUT…we want the kids to have a bedroom each. And an extra room to use as a family […]

6 weeks to declutter ready for Christmas!

OK chaps, we have 6 weeks to go until the mayhem that is Christmas. Time to get organised, time to plan… Right so let’s start with the kitchen. Go through those cupboards. Check if anything is out of date (left over from last Christmas…???) and decide if you will use it or not (go on, […]

The Redecorating Rules for Children

As I mentioned earlier this week, Zach has now moved in with Matthew and Anya. I’ll be honest there was a lot of rearranging to get tiny toys out of reach and fit the cot in. Panic over, phew! I’m now thinking ahead long term. Anya will move into the third bedroom and the boys […]