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#Blogtober18 day 20: ten facts about me

  I am vegetarian because I don’t like animals and don’t want them anywhere near me I have a degree in History with Women’s Studies plus a Master’s degree in Psychology While at university I was diagnosed with a wheat allergy after months of being covered in spots My favourite colour is purple (as if […]

#Blogtober2017: all about me!

31 posts in 31 days. Sounds simple, right? But actually blogging is work, it takes time and effort. So thank you to Mandi at HexMum for inspiring bloggers with some prompts: check out her site for all the other wonderful bloggers taking part this month! A bit about me then… Another selfie so apologies for […]


I was tagged in the #20factsaboutme yesterday on Instagram so thought I’d share on my blog too! Thanks to @littleheartsbiglove for tagging me to write #20factsaboutme A post shared by Laura Beresford (@loopyloulaura) on Apr 26, 2017 at 1:03am PDT My life is not going the way I planned in any way! I used to […]