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#MySundayPhoto sibling similarities

Zach continues a tradition that Matthew used to have of wearing a woolly hat in sweltering weather! Anya also never dresses appropriately for the weather unless nagged so we get shorts in winter and long sleeves in summer…

#MySundayPhoto cooperative play

Yesterday on #project365 I added a photo of the children playing together upstairs in their bedroom. I wanted to show another pic which shows how well Anya and Zach were playing with Sylvanian Families. Zach often plays dinosaurs with Matthew but this was the first time he played with Anya in a more mature way. […]

Let’s DITCH Mother’s Day!

Grump alert! Scrooge here! OK so let’s get this straight. I love my mum (and my dad, this applies to Father’s Day too). But I would rather show her that regularly how much I appreciate her than on one day a year force her to have a present she doesn’t really want and accept a […]