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Let’s DITCH Mother’s Day!

Grump alert! Scrooge here!

OK so let’s get this straight. I love my mum (and my dad, this applies to Father’s Day too). But I would rather show her that regularly how much I appreciate her than on one day a year force her to have a present she doesn’t really want and accept a card she thinks is a waste of paper.

Reasons to dislike Mother’s Day

1. Saccharine cards with twee messages.

2. The obligation to buy a present.

3. The rivalry with siblings.

At the moment, my children are at the stage where they make a card and that is nice to keep as a reminder of their developing abilities and personalities. But when they are old enough to buy a card, I hope they don’t bother. I don’t want them to feel obliged to buy a present and get anxious: will she like it, have I spent enough, what have the others got her?

This year Mum is getting the card shown below from Aldi (on sale today 79p so she would approve 🙂 plus she never looks at my blog so she won’t see this here) and I have ordered her some books after sitting her down at the computer and forcing her to choose.

I have realised that my children do not often say they love me and this is what I really want for Mother’s Day. I also acknowledge that I rarely say it to my mum either. I want to show her love and respect, thank her for what she does EACH day and that is what I want from my kids too.

So maybe the greatest tribute to my mum is that I’m turning into her 🙂


  1. I couldn’t agree more! The obligation to buy a present for another adult is so silly. Like if she needs anything she’ll just buy it herself! I think I am pretty good present giver but my mum still has presents i’ve given her in boxes.. what a watse.. #stayclassymama

  2. Sian

    My mum loves just having us all together for this day. Sharing a meal and spending time as we are all too busy in our own lives that it’s nice that on this day we celebrate all that she has done for us and made us into the hopefully good people. I think it’s more about setting aside the time to appreciate her and show our love too. But I am sure rather than presents and cards it’s nice to just reunite as a family on this day. Which we kind of do most birthdays etc anyway. I hope my children feel the same when they grow older too.

    • Laura

      We are a very close family (I see mum every day!). I’d rather surprise her with a meal out on a random day as that would be more appreciated and spontaneous

  3. Lol I think I actually cried last mother’s day as my then two year old was so horrid to me….not sure what I think about this coming Mother’s Day therefore but there is a big part of me that this really resonates with. Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub lovely xoxo

  4. One Mother’s Day my husband returned home from a bachelor party totally hungover. Another I was on bedrest about to birth twins, another I got a plant that was actually a mostly dead stick. Another my daughter took a permanent marker to the couch- and the rest I have probably repressed


  5. I agree with you totally! However, my mum would be devastated if I didn’t get her a card or present, but I often feel like I HAVE to, rather than want to, and as you say, that’s not really how the spirit of mother’s day should be!

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  7. I don’t really do anything for mothers day, my OH is away this year and my partner with his dad so I am not expecting anything and neither do I. As you say I love a cuddle and an I love you I don’t need a card to convey it. I think the same about Valentines day etc. A lovely post, I recon I am turning into my mum too! Thank you for linking to #stayclassymama xx

  8. What I think is hilarious is when Mum’s expect their kids to behave on this special day and get all angry over social media. Kids are kids and are going to be little sods everyday!! xx Enjoy your Mother’s Day!! #thatfridaylinky

  9. I tell my mum (and dad) all the time that I love them and my son tells me too (my little girl is a baby). My husband knows that I do not need gifts from them as I know that they love me. All I ask is for a lie in and a bacon sandwich. So for me Mothers Day is about having a couple of hours in bed, an acknowledgement that I need to have a rest. Other than that we don’t get caught up in all this commercial sales pitch for ourselves – we do buy our parents however. They do so much for us that we like to give them a small thank you. #ThatFridayLinky

  10. You make some great points and similarly they can be applied to other special days of the year like valentines. We definitely should show our mums how much they mean to us all year round but do we? I think Mother’s Day serves as a reminder to do something nice but I don’t think it has to cost money necessarily. X

  11. Nige

    Difficult one but I understand where you are coming from but I enjoy spoiling my mum and wife super post Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

  12. Angela Milnes

    I think that Mother’s Day is also a time of reflection for those people whose mothers are no longer with us. It provides these people with the perfect opportunity to spend the day recalling fond memories from their life and remembering all the fun times that they had together.

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