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#Project365 2022 week 13

Day 85: a quest to find the Dream Bright Care Bear! See my insta highlights for more detail! Day 86: Happy Mother’s Day to me with the card I picked and bought myself (Chris was ill with covid and I decided that Matthew probably didn’t want to draw a card at his age!) Day 87: […]

Goodbye and good riddance to February, the Monday of months

That feeling of gloom after a fun weekend. Back to reality, work and routine. Classic Monday morning feeling. But also applicable to the whole of February! January is full of expectation for the year ahead. Many make resolutions intended to kickstart the year in a positive way. But then February hits. Snow days are actually […]

#MySundayPhoto Spring is here!

At last the sunshine has appeared! We had fun in the garden this week and I took this pic of the beautiful serene daffodil with the contrast of Zach racing past in the background.