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#Project365 2022 week 13

Day 85: a quest to find the Dream Bright Care Bear! See my insta highlights for more detail!

Day 86: Happy Mother’s Day to me with the card I picked and bought myself (Chris was ill with covid and I decided that Matthew probably didn’t want to draw a card at his age!)

Day 87: serious concentration when you are building! Matthew made a skyscraper with his new K’Nex

Day 88: new trees have been planted around our area
Day 89: ducklings hatched overnight at school!

Day 90: last week we revelled in sun and now there is snow! Not much but it did flurry on and off all day so I won the argument with the lollipop lady who denied snow would be on its way!

Day 91: games night and we have added some new games to our collection so broke open Snakes and Ladders. I came last!

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  1. The weather has been mad hasn’t it this week. I’m expecting to no longer get mother’s day cards from N next year onwards, as at the moment I get them because they do them at primary school. I did get a pot of Clinique ltion/cream stuff which was a surprise (preusmably the MIL got it as she’s a big Clinique buyer – it is one that I use on occasion and my current pot has been going for about 5 years! I’ve already got another ready to go, so this one will do me for 10 years before I need to buy any more!

  2. It was really weird getting flurries of snow that week. Your mother’s day card i sone I would have. love the school ducklings, we always had chickens and once they hatched we looked after them for a while, keeping hold of Ruby for a good few years (hence the blog name) I remember care bears well.

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