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Goodbye and good riddance to February, the Monday of months

That feeling of gloom after a fun weekend. Back to reality, work and routine.
Classic Monday morning feeling. But also applicable to the whole of February!
January is full of expectation for the year ahead. Many make resolutions intended to kickstart the year in a positive way.
But then February hits. Snow days are actually rather underwhelming. The cold is just annoying. Illnesses abound.

Our half term was basically a wash out. Valentine’s was a non starter (as usual so not too down hearted about that). Our 6 month anniversary meal was disappointing.
My vegan journey has been delayed as I try to finish off everything in the cupboards. I’m still a vegan for around 95% of the day but am trying to eat and drink up all of my remaining vegetarian things that the kids would never try. But I’m not enjoying them now I know more about the suffering involved in dairy and egg production.
I don’t remember feeling like this last year, maybe because we had a wedding to plan for. The year before, we had the excitement of Anya starting school and Matthew moving to the juniors to look forward to. Back in 2016 we had Zach’s arrival to focus on. But this year, nothing 🙁
I’m hoping that March will bring some sun and positivity as spring arrives…


  1. I hope it’s just the weather (tho that snow photo looks pretty fabulous to me!) keep an eye out that it’s not your diet bringing you down – there are a lot of links with the gut and moods. so maybe monitor that if you don’t pick up with the sunshine…take care, and here’s to some March madness! #Stayclassymama

  2. February can certainly be an odd month. I actually really enjoyed it this year, maybe because of the weather or purely because it wasn’t january. January was not kind to me!! #StayClassyMama

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