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Diary of a vegan day 26-31

The final installment of my diary of my first month of being vegan.
Time for more baking! I used a flax egg in the pastry and it worked really well on my jam tarts and pizza tartlets.
Lunch was chilli with tortillas and rice. Then I enjoyed some pizza tarts and an Itsu noodle pot for tea.

Breakfast was chocolate brownie and cream (both vegan obviously). I was pleased with how the brownie turned out, exhanging a flax egg for a normal egg. The top formed a crust and the underneath was quite gooey. It worked better warmed and eaten with a spoon than cool as a cake.
Leftover chilli in taco shells for lunch and cheese and cucmber tacos for tea.


Chris LOVED these burgers and so did I! Jackfruit is really tasty and juicy and I’m sure even meat eaters would enjoy these!

Mini toad in the hole (using flax eggs again!), hassellback potatoes and veg. My mum cooks potatoes this way and the kids love them so I decided to have a go and they worked out really well.

Tofu stirfry and some random asparagus! Many stir in sauces have wheat or fish in so make sure you check the ingredients list!
Time to take my toenail varnish off as it is the end of the month. I’ve been very impressed with how this Barry M vegan varnish lasted on my toes, no repair jobs!
A new pizza from Sainsburys chilled section. More expensive than I would usually pay but it tasted quite good. Next time I will load it up with veggie toppings and extra fake cheese.

So there we have it, the first month of veganism complete and I’m ready and raring to go on with it! I hope I have inspired some of you readers to have a go at reducing your meat intake and try new vegetarian and vegan options, or maybe go ‘the whole hog’ (excuse the non-vegan phrase….) and become a vegan!


  1. oh I shouldn’t have read this before eating, your pizza and jam tarlets look absolutely jummy! looks like you really managed to maintain normal eating habits by cleverly replacing the non vegan bits 🙂 #globalblogging

  2. Laura, we were vegan for three months and stopped because my husband was not thriving on a meatless diet. I think his difficulty came from having to eat lunch out and not finding adequate vegan choices. Able to eat homemade meals three times a day, and relying heavily on beans and legumes, I did very well. And I still eat vegan or vegetarian much of the time. I think those packaged vegan burgers and other convenience foods are a trap that many fall into because they’re so easy, but making your own vegan burgers and pizza is quite easy. Whether we’re talking vegan frozen foods or “regular” frozen foods, an over-reliance on them results in poor health. I don’t mean to be negative, I just want you to be healthy! 🙂 #GlobalBlogging

  3. As a vegetarian I am happy to see that so far it is suiting you and you are getting on well with the food. I don’t think I will ever take the step to go vegan though to be honest, I just love cheese too much! I don’t know if I want to live my life without parmesan or mozzarella! #globalblogging

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