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Unromantic newlyweds: why we won’t be celebrating Valentine’s Day

Chris and I have just had our 6 month wedding anniversary (I can’t believe it has been that long already!) and now days later it is Valentine’s Day.

But we won’t be making any fuss.
Cards and presents have already been snubbed. We have NEVER done them!
Excuse my bluntness but they are mostly vomit inducingly twee or cheap and tacky.
Chris and I tell each other we love each other every day. We work hard to support each other and our family. We don’t need a pointless card or empty gesture to ‘prove’ it.


I remember the first ever Valentine’s Day that I had a boyfriend. I’d seen others buying gifts and cards and couldn’t wait to do it myself. But then the reality kicked in. The cards are totally inadequate for conveying messages of love. The presents are just beyond naff.
Red roses still have a certain charm but not worth inflated Valentine’s prices. We do tend to go out for a meal but we also try to have a date each month so this isn’t some grand gesture.
So Chris, happy Valentine’s. I will continue to make sure your washing is done and dinner appears on the table. The little things are what is important and show love much better than a crappy card…
Are we too cynical or is Valentine’s Day overrated and commercialised? Let me know what you think!


  1. In Finland it’s a friendship day and you send cards and gifts to all your friends. I think I might take that on for next year. I like Valentine’s day but have been spending way too much and are out a little too much at the moment so we had dinner with one of the teens and then went up to a bar for a drink and played Banangrams and Pacman (& Galaga). My husband pointed out we were gone for 35 minutes. But it was great and all we needed. I like the big fancy dinners too but there’s no need when it doesn’t suit. Last year meet the teacher was on so we just had dinner at home after.
    I agree on the cards – I tend to get blank ones and write in them.

  2. I am totally with you, Laura. It’s the every day things that show love for me. When I come home from work and my husband is on a day off, it means more to me that he’s cooked the meal or takes the kids to their clubs. I want us to show our love all year round, not just on February the 14th x #stayclassymama

  3. I don’t really know what I think about Valentine’s I ordered the OH a game, he ordered me a book I’d wanted and that’s it. We normally just pick something we like and say OK that’s for Valentines’ we don’t go out of way to do things.

  4. I am like you and really don’t need one day in teh year to show my love and affection to my husband. It can be rather gimmicky with all the overpriced gifts that really we don’t need. Best to just have a normal day and do something like a nice meal when you can!

  5. Absolutely not, we don’t really celebrate it either. It is pure commercialism I think. But we do use it as a nice excuse to get some take-away and a nice glass of wine that night! I hope you enjoyed your non-celebration of Valentine’s! #stayclassymama

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