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Toddler versus teenager: which is easier to cope with?!

I now have a threenager (hi Zach!) A complicated whirlwind of emotions…     I remember when Matthew was a toddler, andย I had a newborn Anya, my neighbour with teenaged children came around and said she didn’t envy me as the toddler years are the hardest which REALLY surprised me. This week I have been […]

Teens: everything changes, everything stays the same!

It has been an incredibly busy couple of weeks as I have been invigilating exams every day. They are not called mock exams any more, they are now Pre Public Exams or PPEs. So was the word ‘mock’ meaning that they were not being taken seriously and now an acronym gives more gravitas? No. The […]

Unusual crushes #Blogtober day 21

Donald Trump. JOKING! I had you scared there, didn’t I?! My first crush was when I was 10 on my male class teacher who I absolutely idolised and through my teens I developed crushes on most of my male teachers (except for the geography teacher with rampant eyebrows!) There may have been an infatuation with […]

#VLOGSTARS: things that wind me up

Right, prepare yourself for angry eyes, hand gestures (not rude ones ๐Ÿ™‚ ) and a little bit of a rant! The red mist descends and I discuss the things that wind me up. I had to massively edit this as there were so many and once I got started I kept going! When I had […]

Friday 17th February: spitting

Yuck! I’m writing this after dwelling overnight on the exhibition of spitting that a young man made on the school run yesterday. He was walking in the opposite direction and spat a few metres from me. Further down the road I could see other evidence of his habit ๐Ÿ™ I then worried that he has […]