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#VLOGSTARS: things that wind me up

Right, prepare yourself for angry eyes, hand gestures (not rude ones 🙂 ) and a little bit of a rant! The red mist descends and I discuss the things that wind me up.
I had to massively edit this as there were so many and once I got started I kept going! When I had put into together, I then realised I sound like I’m obsessed with speed and terribly impatient. The things that sums up all my rage is people being inconsiderate or acting in a way I can’t understand. The things I edited out were more to do with the unreasonableness of getting old (grey hairs while still getting spots, for example!!! 🙁 ) so maybe I am turning into a grumpy old woman…
Thanks for watching and let me know what winds you up especially if you agree with any of mine 🙂



  1. I think im turning into a grumpy old lady myself. I have become obsessed and enraged about my neighbours who refuse to move their nins for collection, they pile their bags of rubbish near our door, fill our bins and a generally horrible!
    Oh my, im rambling about rubbish!!

  2. Nice video, I call it unibrow, no offense to anyone, but it is hideous. I agree with you and the driving bit, especially when people don’t know that if they are on the road, they have to drive properly. Makes me extremely grumpy, though I am growing my patience with such drivers.

  3. Hahaha I could probably agree with most of these cyclists when I’m driving are so frustrating especially when they veer off in front of you but you just want to overtake them & slow walkers arrrgghgg, and when they just stop walking in front of you, especially in busy places like town haha!

  4. I think I am VERY impatient when it comes down to my kids. But then I have been working on it and gotten better with my patience. I also think I have road rage when people drive slow in front of me when there is NO ONE in front of them and they are not making any turns. Just ignorant people irritate me. Lol i can go on forever. So I will stop here.

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