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#MySundayPhoto birthdays and bikes! Sunday 4th June

Well what a week! 2 birthdays plus Matt has moved on to riding his bike without stabilisers! Super proud mummy! Very happy and lucky boy! Matt had a great 7th birthday! #proudmummy #birthday #mbloggers #parentingblogger #ukblogger #ukparentbloggers #lego #starwarsfan #stillmybaby A post shared by Laura Beresford (@loopyloulaura) on May 31, 2017 at 3:30am PDT   […]

Yay! Matthew gets his Beavers cycling badge!

Matthew proudly came out of school on Friday with the class bear. I was less thrilled. we always seem to get it when we have NOTHING planned… Phew! Monday night is Beavers night and luckily they were completing their cycling badges: something to write about! We panicked a few weeks ago when the schedule was […]

#VLOGSTARS: things that wind me up

Right, prepare yourself for angry eyes, hand gestures (not rude ones 🙂 ) and a little bit of a rant! The red mist descends and I discuss the things that wind me up. I had to massively edit this as there were so many and once I got started I kept going! When I had […]

I have turned my son into a criminal

The Highway Code for cyclists rule 64 clearly states ‘You MUST NOT cycle on a pavement’ (use of capitals is theirs not mine!). Today we were almost knocked into by 3 teenagers on their way to school. They were riding their bikes on the pavement. I understand. I really do. I wouldn’t want my children […]