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#VLOGSTARS: would you rather…?

We have been set some tricky questions to answer this month for #Vlogstars Here are my answers: How about you? Here are the questions, let me know your answers in the comments below Would you rather eat healthy or exercise regularly? Would you rather have a third eye or a third arm? Would you rather […]

#VLOGSTARS How to…cope with an allergy diagnosis

This month on #VLOGSTARS we were given the challenge of making a helpful video so I decided to think back to the early days of my allergy diagnosis and having to get my head around the change to food habits. Here it is! : This video talks about the practicalities. Please contact your doctor to […]

#VLOGSTARS : favourites

We were given the subject ‘favourites’ for this month’s #VLOGSTARS so here are a few of mine! Let me know in the comments below if you share any of these favourites with me 🙂

#VLOGSTARS: things that wind me up

Right, prepare yourself for angry eyes, hand gestures (not rude ones 🙂 ) and a little bit of a rant! The red mist descends and I discuss the things that wind me up. I had to massively edit this as there were so many and once I got started I kept going! When I had […]