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#VLOGSTARS How to…cope with an allergy diagnosis

This month on #VLOGSTARS we were given the challenge of making a helpful video so I decided to think back to the early days of my allergy diagnosis and having to get my head around the change to food habits. Here it is! :

This video talks about the practicalities. Please contact your doctor to confirm allergies and listen carefully to their advice. See a dietitian for tips on nutrition.
I hope this helps!


  1. Jon

    As someone who has hayfever each and every summer I can relate to this video. Hopefully it will be a good starting point for a lot of people!

  2. Ray

    This will be so helpful to loads of people! I don’t specifically have any allergies, but I have IBS so I’ve had to make significant changes to my diet in the past year. It can be a real pain!

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