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#VLOGSTARS: would you rather…?

We have been set some tricky questions to answer this month for #Vlogstars
Here are my answers:

How about you? Here are the questions, let me know your answers in the comments below
  1. Would you rather eat healthy or exercise regularly?
  2. Would you rather have a third eye or a third arm?
  3. Would you rather be poor and work at a job you love or be rich and work at a job you hate?
  4. Would you rather save the life of someone that you’re close to or save the lives of 5 random strangers?
  5. Would you rather go without the internet or a car for a month?
  6. Would you rather be a parent or a child?
  7. Would you rather be a genius in a world of morons, or a moron in a world of geniuses?
  8. Would you rather have the ability to fly or the ability to read people’s mind?
  9. Would you rather be 10 minutes late or be 20 minutes early for everything?
  10. Would you rather go forward or back in time?


  1. Great questions my answers are:
    1. Exercise regularly 2. Third eye 3. Poor in a job I love as money can’t buy happiness 4. Save someone close 5. Without car (don’t have a car) 6.parent 7.genius 8. Read minds 9. 20 mind early 10. Back

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