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Zoo #Blogtober17 day 26

This year we have been to Sandown Zoo on the Isle of Wight and Marwell Zoo in Hampshire. I find zoos problematic. I love being able to see animals from around the world especially the big cats which are so majestic and beautiful. However I have concerns about their welfare and happiness. At Marwell there […]

Marwell Zoo and the Great (Lego) Brick Safari

Somehow a whole month has got away from me! We visited Marwell just after we got back from holiday at the beginning of August and I have so busy I forgot to share our fantastic day! What is better than showing the children the wonders of the natural world? The real thing plus Lego versions! […]

IoW2017: Dinosaur Isle and Sandown Zoo

On perhaps the windiest day of the holiday we decided to head to Sandown which is a beautiful beach town. To start the day we sheltered in Dinosaur Isle. We got there as it opened which was a good idea as it soon became very busy (the second time we went around we couldn’t get […]