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Great British Bake Off 2017

Well GBBO, you got greedy. But I don’t blame you, it’s the way of the world.
I am over the loss of Mary, Mel and Sue. I was actually really excited about watching the new series (sorry BBC!) ย and we sat down together last night to enjoy ourselves and be entertained by the triumphs and disasters of 12 new bakers.
I tried to watch this with an open mind and I honestly thought the show was perfect as always. It was interesting to see the new dynamics developing between the judges and presenters, and they all seemed to work well together.
My problem is the adverts. It ruined the whole flow of the programme and completely spoiled my enjoyment ๐Ÿ™ Seriously, there was only 3 minutes of the programme shown after the final adverts and that included the end credits.
I understand that Channel 4 need to recoup some of the extortionate price they paid for the show through sponsorship and advertising but some sensitivity to viewers should have been considered.
Chris felt exactly the same way and we have decided that we will not watch it live again but use a catch up service to reduce the number of ads or allow them to be skipped.
I wonder how many others will feel the same or give up entirely…


  1. I will put my hands up, I forgot all about it. I love Tuesday night TV but I stick on BBC right up until 10pm. But it seems the consensus that it was spoiled by ads so I will watch it on catch up too and skip them. Plus it means my daughter (a future GBBO contestant if it lasts that long) will not have to stay up past her bedtime ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Honestly, I would love for BBC to have adverts if it meant I didn’t have to pay TV licence anymore. I was over the moon that they removed that history segment bit about where the yorkshire pudding or a pork pie came from. I skipped it every single time lmao! On the other hand, I am absolutely loving Noel and all of the contenders seem pretty cool too #stayclassymama

  3. I found myself enjoying it, until the ads kicked in tbh. It really did break up the flow. I’m not a massive Noel Fielding fan, but he did do really well – and Sandi Toksvig is a legend. I found it most disturbing that it wasn’t that different to when it was on the BBC. A few changes would have made it feel like the move was worth it. #blogstravaganza

  4. It was watchable but I got annoyed at the ads too. And I missed Mary Berry and Mel n Sue even more than I’d anticipated. It was almost surreal watching it without them and with a whole load of crappy ads in between. Will still watch it though… I mean… it’s cake.lol! Can’t skip watching cakes be made! #blogstravaganza

  5. We pulled the plug on cable tv about 4 years ago… and never looked back. We stream everything or anything we need. GBBO is a fave for all of us, and we never see any adverts at all. Save money, no adverts? Win! Win! #stayclassymama

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