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Sherlock Series 4 (first aired 1st, 8th and 15th January 2017)

I’m going to try to say as much as I can without spoiling too much of the surprises that were threaded through this series!

The first episode was my favourite: a proper crime, proper deductions, proper Holmes-iness. I was able to follow what was happening and as he began explaining I shouted out triumphantly the name of the culprit before he could say it 🙂 hurrah!

Then there was the major plot development that was a huge shock and was the catalyst for the events of the second episode. I admit to having a sudden revelation an hour into episode 2 that I was really not enjoying the episode. Toby Jones was his usual highly charismatic self, stealing every scene. But there was no crime and Sherlock’s descent into a drug induced stupor was unpleasant.

The final half hour of episode 2 reversed my feelings about it. And made me really excited about the last episode. Which was then a bit of a let down. No mysterious crime to be solved, unpleasant violence, needless deaths 🙁

As an insight into the Holmes family it was fascinating and very well acted. But I think the series has gone the way of Doctor Who: trying to be too clever. I count myself as an intelligent human being and I think I enjoy challenging television and books. Chris is the same. We both sat there looking at each other last night unsure if we were suffering from baby brain or if Sherlock was just too much.

I think we will watch more if they are made but please BBC stick to the mysteries and crimes which were so unique and enthralling in the first series. Focus on Sherlock’s strengths not his flaws…

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  1. Interesting! I loved Sherlock but have not watched the last season..now I’m all the more curious and a bit disappointed too, reading your review about it. thanks for the info:)

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