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Sainsbury’s: Free From courgette, feta and spinach pie


This was a treat from Chris because I usually set a limit on the budget of £1.50 for my meals. I think this pie was £2. I was too worn out after making a lamb hotpot for Zach to make anything from scratch for me so I reached for this pie.

Anyway, before we start, THIS IS A QUICHE! Saying a pie has an open crust just means you made a quiche!

But Mr Sainsbury, it was fab and I will definitely be eating it again. The pastry was lovely and crumbly. The filling was tasty and not overwhelmingly worthy despite the green veg. There were pleasant undertones of mint (I have been watching too much bake off and am trying to develop my palette, NOT) which went well with the veg and the topping added a nice texture.

But, on the subject of topping, half of it fell off because you have to remove from the foil tray to cook. I tried easing down the sides but the pastry was cracking so I ended up having to turn it upside down 🙁

Overall, I was very pleased with this. I hope Sainsbury’s bring out more free from vegetarian meals soon!

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