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World Penguin Day

Who knew?!
Since I started blogging I have discovered loads of celebrations that the world has to acknowledge the wonderful planet we inhabit.
Chris’ first reaction was ‘the chocolate bar’

I thought about the book company (which also makes Ladybird books, I didn’t know that!)
And while these are something to celebrate, I think the bird is what we are supposed to concentrate on!
So I decided to find out some interesting penguin facts (well, stuff I didn’t know that made me go ‘ooh’ when I read it πŸ™‚ )
  • The Galapagos penguin lives near the equator.
  • Prehistoric penguins were as big as humans.
  • The little blue penguin is also called the fairy penguin and weighs only 1kg.
  • There are between 17 and 20 breeds of penguin: experts disagree on the exact number!
  • The black and white feathers are for camouflage.
World Penguin Day is held on the 25th April as this is around the time that penguins begin their annual migration north. Take a moment today to think of them embarking on their journey and if you can please support wildlife organisations that are protecting this beautiful bird.


  1. Lovely tribute to penguins….I definitely didn’t think of the chocolate bar but the lovable creatures which are definitely something to be celebrated!

  2. Haha I would love a day to celebrate biscuits… or is there already one? Learning that prehistoric penguins were as big as humans is really hard to imagine but would also be amazing to see. I think I need to Google this. Thanks for sharing x

  3. Well I never…A day just for penguins. Who knew. How lovely….Both the real kind and the chocolate kind. We are massive penguin fans. They were my Dad’s favourite so they will always hold a special place in my heart

  4. I can not believe that their is a world penguin day. they are truly intersting and stunning animals. I love watchin David Attenboroughs Galapagos series on BBC,, have you seen it?

  5. I’m a little bit of a penguin lover – hence my recent logo change over on my blog – which also makes me a little bit of a penguin geek! So I’m extremely disappointed that I did not know that there is a work penguin day! The same #bloggerclubuk

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