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My very own website!!! Yikes!


National Star Wars Day (Thursday 4th May)

May the fourth be with you!!! I think it is safe to say I am a Star Wars fanatic. I have seen the original trilogy perhaps 50 times and the prequel trilogy about 25 times (over 200 films altogether!). Last night we watched Rogue One and I think it is fair to say I would […]

Fun at the Look Out Discovery Centre, Bracknell

Picture the scene. We trundle out to the car and get in. Chris starts the engine. Anya pipes up ‘Are we going somewhere?’. Chris and I look at each other biting back a sarcastic answer of ‘no, we’re just going to sit in the car on the driveway for a few hours’. We headed off […]

Vlog: collector or hoarder?

I get driven crazy by my parents’ hoarding but am I really just as bad?! NO! I’m a collector! 😉 How about you?