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Family fun at the Reading Brick Show

Chris and I are not-so-secret devotees of Lego. The children love Lego too.
So, when we heard that a brand new showcase of the genius of Lego creations was coming to Reading, we simply had to go!

The Reading Brick Show had incredible exhibits, stunning original designs, plus the chance to be creative making your own figures and builds.


There were stands to buy minifigures featuring you own 3D face or normal figures with a fab range of accessories and customised torso print! We loved the custom sets and we were sorely tempted by the Alien figure:


There was a walking dinosaur: sorry my pic is so blurred! I believe it is linked to the new Lego displays due to arrive at Marwell from 5th April, all dino related!



I loved the detail in the models and there were famous landmarks, classic TV, history, Disney, Marvel and so much more!

My own personal favourite aspect of the show were the amazing mosaic boards. They are just so clever (and STAR WARS!!!) and I have no idea how the creators have the skils or patience to create them!
The show was also supporting Fairy Bricks, a charity which donates sets to children’s hospitals and hospices across the country.
The Reading Brick Show will be back next year!

*We were gifted a family ticket to enter the show.


  1. I love the Brick Shows – Imagine if that was your job? I’d love it! #Stayclassymama (as an aside, for their Harry Potter installation at xmas time, the Changi Airport staff got to build lego HP sets. I thought that was a cute touch)

  2. A lovely charity and such a simple and powerful concept much like Lego itself. Lego makes me smile – when I was a child I had just one battered red biscuit tin of bricks which I was thrilled with all my childhood and was handed down from my much older brothers. My children had one set after another and have visited two Lego theme parks – sign of the times #StayClassyMama

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