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#Project365 week 24

Hang on, I’m not in any of these pics! I have been working every single day this week so am quite knackered…zzz…
Day 161: this is the photo I shared for last week’s #mysundayphoto

Day 162: I enjoyed some time relaxing in the garden but this little bee kept busy!

Day 163: when we visited the Lego Discovery Centre, Matthew loved the stop motion animation and has decided to create his own movies (dino version…)

Day 164: Matthew had an incredible evening raft building with the Cubs. I could tell he was worried and trying to psych himself up all the way through tea but then he was fearless: proud mum!

Day 165: a couple of weeks ago I lamented that the rose in the back garden only has a single flower. The front garden is more than making up for it and provides a lovely welcome home each day.

Day 166: Zach is a dab hand at the tablet and was showing off his skills to a super proud daddy!

Day 167: the truth behind this pic is that I made both sets but did let Annie play with them afterwards 🙂


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