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#Blogmas18 day 17: Christmas books

Top of my list has got to be A Christmas Carol. It was my first classic fiction book and is a fab introduction to Dickens and other great authors.
It isn’t actually a full novel so is much more accessible to younger readers. The book that I had also contained 2 other of Dickens’ shorter stories (The Chimes and The Cricket in the Hearth) but these never captured my imagination in the same way and Scrooge and his adventure.
Oh dear, that is also the end of my list as well as I don’t tend to read books about Christmas. A bit like films really! I find them too contrived or cloying to be enjoyable.

Am I just too hard hearted and cynical? Am I Scrooge before his ghostly visits…?
How about you? Do you enjoy books with a Christmas theme?


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