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#Blogmas18 day 20: wrapping presents

I HATE wrapping presents. I see all these pictures of pefect wrapping but mine never looks like that. Even standard shapes like boxes don’t end up looking good.

Meanwhile, Chris is an expert (show off!)
My parents always left all their wrapping until Christmas Eve and we would be banned from downstairs and hear much frustration and the wish that they’d done it earlier.

We usually get our presents wrapped a few days early so that we can check that everyone has equal goodies. This year I did it alone on the last day that the children were at school, phew: all done!
As you can see, I try to save a few pennies by using last year’s Christmas cards as gift tags. This used to be something me and my sister would do to help our parents in the lead up to the annual great wrapping. I’m hoping my own children will do it too (waiting for a bit more competence with scissors…)
Is present wrapping a chore or do you enjoy it? Or do you cheat and use gift bags?!


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