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#Blogmas18 day 25: what Christmas means to me

For me, Christmas is all about the best bits of family life. Spending time with those we love. Eating together. Sharing experiences across generations. Relaxing without thoughts of school and work. Giving gifts to make them smile. Curling up on a sofa to watch a film or festive TV. Singing Christmas songs. Excitement and anticipation.

Inevitably, there are stresses. We are often tired due to the frantic countdown to the Christmas holidays. Worried that the presents might not be right. Our tempers may easily fray and little things may get blown up out of proportion. Trying to be happy or ‘festive’ can be exhausting if you are ill or dealing with other issues.
I think the important thing to remember about Christmas is that it is a celebration of the good in the world whether you are a Christian or not, and offers an opportunity to make your own home a better place by letting go of the everyday problems and focussing on collective happiness.

So as Paul McCartney sang, concentrate on ‘simply having a wonderful Christmastime’.
What does Christmas mean to you?

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