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#Blogmas18 day 9: my favourite Christmas jokes

I hear a lot of jokes as the kids try to out do each other. Even Zach joins in (thanks YouTube for this one that I endure multiple times a day: Knock, knock. Who’s there? The door)
But when it actually comes to Christmas jokes, my knowledge and that of the kids is surprisingly lacking. The only one I can remember is:
What was wrong with the poorly fairy? She had tinsel-itis!
I asked the kids on the school run and they came up with :
What do elves learn at school? The elf-abet!

I went searching for other jokes and these ones were my favourites:
Which carol do parents want to hear? Silent Night (please Zach, sleep through!!!)
What do wild animals sing at Christmas? Jungle Bells
Which reindeer was mean? Rude-olph
Do you think it will snow this Christmas? No, but it might rain dear (reindeer 🙂 )
Let me know your favourite Christmas joke in the comments!


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