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#Blogtober18 day 9: invitations/letters for #WorldPostDay

This year for our wedding we had to choose invitations.
The difficulty! The range of choice! The price of stamps! The finding of addresses!

Obviously purple was involved due to being our colour scheme 🙂 But do you have any idea how stressful it was to tie so many bows??? We watched a YouTube video on how to do it but they still ended up inconsistent.
Then after the wedding it was time for thank you notes and I confess that the majority were emails!
I also confess that I have never sent my children a birthday card. My mum is horrified by this! But I can give my best wishes (and presents!) on the day in person so really don’t see the point but I will send them when they live away from home. Do you give your children a birthday card?
I love our postman. He’s out there in fleece and shorts whatever the weather. He called me ‘hop-along’ when I broke my foot. He was even there when we were taking photos outside my parents’ house before the wedding. And yet I don’t even know his name (note to self, it might be polite to ask after 15+ years!)
Anya is still at the age where she gets loads of party invitations (about 5 in the past month!) Matthew has passed that stage and Zach hasn’t reached it yet. We have never held a birthday party for our three as they always request bigger and more expensive presents instead. We always have family over and this year for the first time I invited 3 of Anya’s friends over for a birthday tea.
Christmas is the one time that I spend hours writing by hand. Many of my family include a computer typed update on events of the year and I love this for being kept up to date. I haven’t written one of my own before as my parents always do one and it is mostly stuff about all the grandchildren!
I love getting post but writing it is more of a chore: what do you think?


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