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Wedding Wednesday: decor

Most of us have a favourite colour. I am extremely lucky that my wonderful husband loves purple too so I never have to compromise!

I knew straightaway that purple would be the colour scheme at our wedding and even planned to wear a purple dress for most of the lead up to the big day. My bridesmaids wore light purple, the page boys had dark purple waistcoats and ties. I chose purple ribbon for and Lego bricks for the wedding cake.
It was only 6 weeks before the wedding that I decided to decorate the room. I had originally thought that it was an expense we could do without but as the day got bigger and expectations seemed to increase as well, I decided that I wanted the decor to be a little bit special too.

I bought some purple balloons and a helium canister so Chris had a job to sort those out those on the morning of the wedding.

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I considered decorating the room myself (with help, obviously!) and picked out some gorgeous items on Amazon but then changed my mind and booked a company through Facebook to make my life easier 🙂
To save a little money, I opted to use the black chair covers that the venue provided for no charge and add a lilac sash. I then organised for half of the chairs to have white chair covers and purple sashes.

The night before the wedding, the supplier sent me pics as she worked and my heart actually leapt with excitement as the venue was transformed. It looked like a proper wedding!

I am so glad that we decided to decorate the venue as it really did make the day extra special!


  1. Oh that just looks gorgeous! I bet you all looked amazing! We are getting married soon and I have no idea what colours to go with or where to get married come to think of it, I better start with that first 😉

  2. You’re just like my boyfriend’s auntie! She loves purple too, we call her the crazy purple lady and her last name on Facebook is Purple…everything is purple, even her lipstick! You’d probably both get on really well! Love the purple chairs, they look really nice and your dress was gorgeous!

  3. I have 2 weddings coming up to attend. One is at an upscale boat club and the other is a country fair wedding. I bet the will have very diverse but lovely decorations!!! #coolmumclub
    PS….I love your Wedding Wednesdays. I love going to weddings!!!

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