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#Blogtober2020 Day 19: Don’t Look Back In Anger

Don’t Look Back In Anger.
Oh, but I do.

I don’t forgive and I certainly don’t forget.
Upset me in any way and it will be brought up in every subsequent argument until the end of time itself.
I’m actually quite a nice person. I accept mistakes but I also accept my reaction to them.
Anger shows passion. Anger shows commitment.
I want to teach my children to stand up for themselves, have beliefs and the confidence to state them.
I want them to be angry and challenge injustice or unfairness. I won’t apologise for being unbending in expecting basic decency from people. I will be angry about the subjugation of women. I will be angry about racism and slavery. I will be angry about LGBTQI abuse.
Sorry seems like such a throwaway word these days, very rarely meant with any hint of regret. So I stay angry.

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