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Whispers Through The Canvas, by K.J. McGillick

Whispers Through The Canvas book coverDetective Gabriel Lancaster is investigating the murder of a woman and calls upon art expert Rowan Southeil. But Rowan’s skills extend to the supernatural and occult as well…
Whispers Through The Canvas is a mix of supernatural fantasy, murder mystery and historical drama.
Cassie Bradshaw is found murdered with a stunning painting in her possession. Gabriel is stumped but feels that there must be a link between the murder and the painting so asks Rowan for her help. Rowan comes from a long line of witches and has her own supernatural powers. She can see the dead and converses with Cassie to try to find her killer. Rowan is also pulled into the painting and explores its dangerous history.
I have very mixed feelings about the book. First of all, I wish there had been more of the history aspect of the plot, especially more information about Rowan’s family history. We are offered glimpses of the past but they were disjointed. I didn’t feel that the ending tied up the loose ends or concluded the plot so I assume there will be a sequel or series to follow.
The writing is very descriptive and I felt immersed in the investigation and Rowan’s discoveries about the painting. I liked the balance of the criminal case with the supernatural elements as well as the developing friendship between Rowan and Gabriel. Grandma Be is a great character and was the highlight of every scene she featured in.
Whispers Through The Canvas is an enjoyable mixed genre book, effectively creating the atmosphere of each element.
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Whispers Through The Canvas
Murder… Across The Fractured Corridors of Time.
Plunged into a centuries-old conspiracy, unconventional art historian Rowan Southeil must race against time to stop an ancient evil from rewriting history. When a young artist is murdered in a chilling echo of medieval violence, Rowan finds herself drawn to a seemingly unrelated clue – a 16th-century painting drenched in arcane symbols. Aided by the victim’s haunting presence, Rowan delves into the painting’s mysterious past, uncovering a dark conspiracy that stretches back generations.
Teaming up with the pragmatic Detective Lancaster, the intuitive Rowan follows a daring journey through time, from the storied halls of 16th-century Tudor London to the secretive 17th-century Vatican. As she awakens powerful elemental forces within herself, Rowan must decipher the painting’s secrets – and the connection to the medieval-style murder – before Lev Rubilov, a dark centuries-old occultist, can harness its magic to rewrite history and restore a twisted vision of the past.
For fans of genre-blending thrillers like A Discovery of Witches and Outlander, this captivating novel weaves together mystery, the supernatural, and high-stakes time travel in a race against the clock to stop an ancient evil. Whispers Through The Canvas is a crime story, filled with action and adventure, within a historical fantasy milieu. If you love kick-ass heroines who have a bit of life experience and walk on the wild side of magic, this book is for you.
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Author Bio –
From the bustling courtrooms of Atlanta to the vibrant tapestry of 16th-century England, Kathleen McGillick’s life and career have been a captivating blend of legal expertise, artistic passion, and a thirst for adventure.
Fueled by an undergraduate and graduate degree in nursing, Kathleen built a foundation of compassion and care. This dedication to service later led her to pursue a Juris Doctorate, allowing her to navigate the intricacies of the legal system for nearly three decades. Her courtroom experience now breathes life into the intricate details of her legal thrillers, ensuring every courtroom scene crackles with authenticity.
But Kathleen’s story doesn’t end there. A deep fascination with art history led her to delve into the world of renowned artists and captivating eras. Her particular passion for 16th-century British history allows her to transport readers to richly detailed historical settings, immersing them in the culture, politics, and societal nuances of the time.
Driven by an unwavering dedication to her craft, Kathleen has independently published eleven legal thrillers since 2018. Her commitment extends beyond solo creation, as she actively engages with the writing community, honing her skills through workshops and courses led by renowned authors.
And when she’s not crafting captivating narratives, Kathleen embarks on international journeys, soaking in diverse cultures and experiences that further enrich her writing. This global perspective adds another layer of depth and realism to her stories, allowing readers to connect with characters and settings that transcend geographical boundaries.
To delve deeper into Kathleen’s world and explore her captivating legal thrillers, visit her website at kjmcgillick.com.
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