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Facebook #Blogtober17 day 27

Before I became a blogger Facebook was the only social media I used and that was just my personal account. Now I have my blog page which has just reached 900 likes, yay!

I think most bloggers would agree that Facebook is the hardest social media to crack and progress is slow, yet I work hard on it as it is my own favourite one.
On a personal level, I love Facebook for so many reasons.

It connects me to friends and family that I may not see very often but I can keep track of their lives through their status updates.
It reminds me of things that happened on this day in previous years which is lovely to look back on.
It sends reminders for upcoming events including birthdays: no more excuses for being late or forgetting!
It has really fab groups of supportive bloggers who offer advice and help.
It has local groups for keeping track of things like Beavers and for schools and preschools.
What are your favourite things about Facebook?
If you haven’t liked my page yet then please head over now, see you soon! 🙂


  1. I do agree that for blogging and or business, FB is the hardest one to crack. I just used FB for staying in contact with my overseas friends.
    For blogging reasons, I have turned to Instagram instead.

    Thanks for Sharing

    John M

  2. I really struggle with FB but I recently went to a conference that stressed how important it is to use video content on FB if you want to be seen so I think I’ll that to see if engagement gets better. Congrats on reaching 900 likes!

  3. I so agree that Facebook has been the hardest for me to crack. I love Twitter, have got on great with IG but Facebook still has me a bit stumped! I’m off to like your page and be that 901st ‘like’! X

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