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Friday 13th January: thundersnow? normal snow? not really


Well about a centimetre. There was no thundersnow 🙁 Blackwater did not become the snow capital of the world.

My mum’s endless worry about running out of milk has come to nothing: Tesco opened as usual, all the employees got in to serve customers, milk had been delivered. Panic buying was not required, nor was freezing milk in ice cube trays as Mum recommended. Friday the thirteenth did not strike either (yet, fingers crossed 🙂 )

I admit the trip to school was very icy but knowing the route well it was easy to identify the worst spots (all the puddles we’d splashed through yesterday). The school playground was closed due to ice, perhaps a little extreme but there is a steep path down to the playground and the sad truth is we live in a compensation climate 🙁 I slipped a few times on the pavement: did the gritters not go out?!

Zach turned 9 months this week. He seems able to say ‘dadda’ and ‘nanna’ but ‘mumma’ is nowhere to be heard 🙁 I got him weighed at the health visitor clinic this week which was stressful as they’d decided to do self weighing but the machines are so complicated they had an A4 sheet of instructions and the HVs jumped in and showed every mum anyway: I might just weigh him at home from now on. I was the only mum who didn’t want to chat to a HV and there was a slight look of amazement from the HVs and mums when I just left after the weighing.

Anya got a Star of the Week certificate from preschool this week and Matthew got 2 smiley faces so I’m a super proud mum. I’m still at the stage of missing them during the day following the holidays and am looking forward to spending time with them this weekend.

Ooh, just as I’m writing this it started snowing again…


I won’t get excited just yet 🙂

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