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Friday 4th November: Job Mummy

So whilst desperately trying to feed Zach his porridge and having my hair ‘styled’ by Anya, she announced that she ‘just wants to be a mum’ when she’s grown up.

Now this presents me with a dilemma. Being a mum is the highlight and lowlight of my life. It is the hardest job in the world with the worst critics but also the best job in the world when things go well.

Case in point: Zach refused to have breakfast. Anya’s attempts at my hair have failed miserably. Matthew had lego all over the floor and there were only 10 minutes until the school run. However, they are all smiling and happy.

Anya does appear to see motherhood as a valid job which is positive and shows that maybe she does value what I do (!) but I’m frustrated that she put the word ‘just’ in there. It reminds me of when Matthew asked what a woman was so I explained that I was one and he looked at me blankly and said ‘You’re not a woman. You’re a mummy’.

Job Mummy pays rubbish. The job satisfaction is sporadic. The customer relations can be appalling as are the hours. Overtime is compulsory. Holiday entitlement is non-existent. But a smile is priceless.



Anyway, it is my mum’s birthday today, and now I’m a mum myself I truly appreciate all my parents have done for me over my lifetime. THANK YOU!

Now to get on and make the birthday cake šŸ™‚

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