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It’s Social Media Day! Friday 30th June

I LOVE social media.
I have been on Facebook for donkey’s years. It has always been a great way to keep in contact with people that live close or far away. At my recent school reunion, it was strange because we all knew so much about each other’s lives having seen photos and status updates on Facebook.
It also allows Chris and I to speak several times a days through Messenger, plus I keep in contact with family, arrange playdates and look out for places to visit. So many uses!
I now also have my blog’s Facebook page (head over and give me a like!). I also have Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest and YouTube.
I had none of these before I started my blog 9 months ago so it has been a real learning curve, getting used to hashtags, working out filters etc and pinnable stuff (not doing great on that one 🙁 )
YouTube is my favourite because it gives me a chance to be me in the same way that this blog does. I was inspired to start my own channel as Matthew, Anya and Chris already had theirs (Train Slam, Anyaboo, Mastershed) so me and Zach felt left out! The first couple of times in front of the camera felt a bit weird but now it is fine and I just gabble away 🙂
My blog is my main way of being social, being the person that I am to those closest to me but who I am too shy to reveal to most people.
Social media has changed the world, making distance something of the past. We can now connect with more people than ever before, quicker than ever before. We can use it to campaign for the things that matter to us, to find out information quickly, to raise awareness of issues that are close to our hearts.
Yes, there are risks to our young children. Yes, we have to filter out the fake news. Yes, we have to tolerate opinions we may not agree with. We need to be prepared to deal with the negatives and teach our children to use social media responsibly.
I personally think the world is a better place thanks to social media, I know it has made this shy girl feel more confident and happy…


  1. You’re right, social media certainly has brought us closer together. We’re now able to view the lives of those we haven’t even seen for years. I bet it was strange being at a reunion when you’ve been following along on social media for so long. Was everyone as expected, or has social media warped reality? I often wonder how people’s lives actually are compared to the perfect snapshots we see every so often online.

    As a blog standpoint, social media is a wonderful thing. Having the ability to share posts and interact with others 24/7 is great. The only issue I have now is dealing with so many different platforms. Twitter is my comfort zone, so I spend a lot of time there, but I really should be making more effort to get comfortable with Pinterest.

  2. I am happy to hear social media has changed your life. I do agree it’s a great way to be in instant contact with people far away from you, but in my case, I have also noticed it makes me quite sad and nervous so many times, maybe it’s because I write a fashion and life/style blog, and when it comes to Instagram arrrrr …. it’s just pathetic, you are surrounded with picture perfect images and it’s quite difficult not to compare yourself….so I am learning to not compare to others and use it less. 🙂 x

  3. Before the internet and also before social media it makes you wonder how people stayed in contact doesn’t it. i would be lost without social media and sure wouldn’t be blogging if it was for SM.

  4. I totally get that there is a ‘dark side’ to social media and I know that people can waste too much time on it but I am a big fan! It allows us to connect to people we would never cross path with in real life, provides a support network, is an easy way to make arrangements and helps us stay in touch with loved ones!

  5. I love social media but I definitely find it different from my personal and blog perspectives as they require different things! I use social media all the time to keep in contact with friends and family though, possibly too much :p

  6. Jasmin N

    I can’t remember the life without internet. Or well, it has been around for 26 years and I’m only 22, but we had internet connection to our house when I was 13. Everything’s developed so fast & so much!

  7. Great post! I find social media to be a very steep learning curve, but its a great way to connect with like minded people, and as you say, to keep in touch with friends.

  8. Every day is social media day in our house, lol. Our family all live in far flung places, so apart from anything else it’s crucial for keeping in touch.

  9. Emma

    I agree in some respects – social media has definitely changed the world we live in, but I’m not sure I agree it’s for the best. It is good to be able to keep in contact with family and friends who aren’t near, but it also takes over and sometimes we spend more time online than in the real world. It’s quite scary x

  10. I didnt know it had its own day, I am a very old internet user, I had my first email back in 1997 and ive been blogging, if privately since 2003 onwards, I like social media, I love the internet and I really get fed up when people moan about it! without social media some people who deal with social anxiety simply wouldnt walk to any one! great post x

  11. Suz

    I love social media, but sometimes I feel it consumes too much of our time. It’s difficult to get the balance right.

  12. Never knew social media had a day all the same I couldn’t live without it Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

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