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#MySundayPhoto #NCD2017

This week I have spent a lot of time with Matthew and Anya helping them learn to ride a bike. I have been so proud of them! It really has been the highlight of my week to see them working so hard and achieving.
Today is National Children’s Day. I believe that children should be encouraged to fulfil their potential, have the right to play outside and explore the world, be valued as individuals and celebrate their successes. Acknowledge they are growing up but keep them free from the burdens that will be theirs all too soon. Laugh, learn and love.

Working really hard learning to ride their bikes #proudmummy #cycling

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  1. I totally agree! If you can’t be free in childhood, when can you? I used to love cycling as a kid and still do now, though I do it much less! So lovely to see them doing so well! x


  2. A lovely thing to enjoy as a family. For some reason Freya can’t work out how to pedal all the way around, despite extensive (back breaking) demos. Hopefully it will come with time and practice 🙂 It looks like your two are flying! #MySundayPhoto #mmbc

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