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Phobias #Blogtober17 day 16

Fear is a healthy survival instinct but phobias are irrational.
I only have one real phobia and that is flying (or should that be crashing?!) The last time I flew was in 2004 and I blacked out on take off as I was so terrified. I spoke to a pilot friend of mine and he told me not to worry about take off as the landing is much more tricky! NOT helpful!

I would really like to overcome my fear as I would like to take the children to various countries. For some reason (trains!), Matthew is insisting he would like to go to Japan and the only way that is feasible is by plane.
I know all the statistics and how safe air travel is (odds of being in a plane crash 1 in 11 million, odds of being hit by a meteorite 1 in 700,000) but I think my main issue is the lack of control. I am a terrible car and train passenger too. Maybe if I was able to fly a plane I would feel better!

I have other fears which count more as aversions rather than phobias. I coped very well with Friday 13th last week despite my initial worries. I hate water in my eyes or ears so have never learned to swim and don’t take showers unless a bath is impossible. See this photo: never going to happen…

Perhaps the thing that scares me most is something terrible happening to the children. This isn’t a phobia, it is the natural reaction of a parent.

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