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Date and dates (Blogtober17 day 4)

Going on a first date is one of the most nerve-wracking experiences ever! Waiting for your due date is almost unbearable. As a history graduate, remembering dates is crucial.

Dates are important, they govern our lives, make us stick to plans, give us something to aim for. They can trigger happiness or despair depending on the event in question.

I used to hate Friday the 13th. I would really dread it. During my OCD days I could barely function when this date approached. Next week is Friday 13th October…
But thankfully I have had CBT to help me with coping mechanisms to deal with my irrational fears. I have also mentioned before that my mental health has actually improved since having children as my focus is on them and I simply don’t have time to worry about little things any more!
Dates are a great way of looking back and looking forward, to reflect and aspire. I am hoping that Chris and I will have a date night soon, to focus on the good things we have enjoyed together as a couple and look ahead to what we still have to look forward to in our future together.

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