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Sunday 18th September

Anya is 4! How on earth did that come around so quickly?!

I got to add to my phrasebook of things I never thought I’d say. I had to ask my niece “Why are you putting cucumber up your leggings?” to which there was no sensible answer. (Previous phrases include “Anya, get your foot out of my curry” and “Matthew, step away from the aubergine!”)

The cake was not an unmitigated success 🙁 it was supposed to be a pink butterfly but when I presented it to Anya she asked where the butterfly was…


I finally got around to plucking my eyebrows this morning (just in case I ended up in any photos). I felt a sense of achievement and made sure to check the rest of my face as a couple of months ago there was a long hair growing right in the middle of my forehead and I HADN’T NOTICED IT! I supposed I’m getting to the age when I may soon get chin hair… oh the joys!

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