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Thursday 2nd February: the addiction to stickers


I hate them.

They serve no purpose except to wind me up and clog up the washing machine 🙁

This is the collection of stickers that the kids have collected in the last fortnight. Well, that’s not technically true. These are the ones they’ve rescued from their clothing before entering the dreaded linen bin. After a couple of weeks they lose their stick and fall off the wardrobe and then I am justified in binning them 🙂

But the kids adore them. It’s like catnip or drugs.

Matthew is just getting to the stage where he is losing interest. The Star Wars sticker book Father Christmas brought him is still untouched. Whereas Anya’s book is completed and the spares are adorning reams of paper.

Now I need to think of a way to persuade Zach to stop trying to climb in the toilet. Maybe a sticker incentive…


  1. I have a confession, in my old job I used to plan activities for children and I ALWAYS added stickers. There must be so many parents cursing me! This post made me chuckle 🙂 #bestandworst

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