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How to stop your teen from smoking

As I have said before, I hate smoking and cannot understand why anyone would choose to start. But they do ๐Ÿ™ and I’m scared that my children will face peer pressure to start when they get older. Some of my own school class mates smoked by the age of 13 and as I now work […]

Friday 17th February: spitting

Yuck! I’m writing this after dwelling overnight on the exhibition of spitting that a young man made on the school run yesterday. He was walking in the opposite direction and spat a few metres from me. Further down the road I could see other evidence of his habit ๐Ÿ™ I then worried that he has […]

Thursday 2nd February: the addiction to stickers

Stickers. I hate them. They serve no purpose except to wind me up and clog up the washing machine ๐Ÿ™ This is the collection of stickers that the kids have collected in the last fortnight. Well, that’s not technically true. These are the ones they’ve rescued from their clothing before entering the dreaded linen bin. […]

Wednesday 25th January: Get off your phone and talk to your child!!!

OK that title was a bit grumpy, wasn’t it?! This is inspired by a couple of incidents this week. First the lollipop lady complimented me on always talking to my kids rather than being on the phone. Then I watched a mum walk through the gate on her phone, collect her child and leave through […]