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Wednesday 25th January: Get off your phone and talk to your child!!!

OK that title was a bit grumpy, wasn’t it?!

This is inspired by a couple of incidents this week. First the lollipop lady complimented me on always talking to my kids rather than being on the phone. Then I watched a mum walk through the gate on her phone, collect her child and leave through the school gate still on her phone. She did not acknowledge her child in any way!

This is in stark contrast to Anya’s accusation this week that I was boring her with my conversation on the way home from preschool and she asked me to be quiet 🙁 Here she is looking miserable:

Matthew loves talking about his day but the problem is getting a word in edgeways! It’s also a self confidence issue: the teacher called me over to say that Matthew had done a show and tell about trains, completely off the cuff and from memory. He just wanted to share some of the many facts going round his head and decided to be brave and tell the class. He has no problem in front of the camera (see his video on Mallard!. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mRmi18lwrO4 ) but doing it in person took a lot of courage.

It is a bit embarrassing when I point out trees, buses etc and don’t actually have a child with me…

Zach has finally said ‘mumma’ and I was so thrilled. He was pretty pleased with himself too:

Although I value a bit of peace and quiet, I can’t wait for him to be joining in playing with Matthew and Anya. I love hearing them play, learning new words, expressing their opinions, becoming real people.


  1. I see a lot of people on their phones when out with their children, whether that be the school run, in the park or on the bus. I try not to judge others, as I know I’m guilty of spending too much time on my phone at times. We’re only human after all, but as Nige has said, I do try to spend less time on my phone too. Thanks for linking up to #ThatFridayLinky

  2. Very true. It really frustrates me when people are on their phone just ignoring their children. A lot of times by toddler will talk to my partner and he will be on his phone and I have to tell him to reply, it’s so frustrating! I’m on my phone a lot doing blog things etc but I always make an effort to be present and available when I’m needed or spoken to #ThatFridayLinky

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