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Thursday 9th February: do you see dead people?

Not out and about obviously (unless you do, eeek!). I’m talking about your dreams.

This derives from a conversation with my mum yesterday. She had spoken to my grandmother who had dreamed about my Grandad who died in 2012. When Mum mentioned this to my uncle, he thought it was a bit weird as he’s never dreamed about departed loved ones.

I regularly dream of my dead family members. In family groups they are just there in their rightful place, alive. As far as I’m concerned our loved ones shape us as people and it is natural to dream about them because they play a major role in our lives and memories. Nanny had spent 60 years married to the man she loved, surely it would be peculiar to NOT think of him in everyday life and dreams. I recently had a dream with all 4 grandparents in it despite the reality that only 1 is still alive. Last night, in light of this conversation probably, I dreamed about my Nanny and Grandad: it wasn’t scary, he wasn’t dead in my dream.

The odd thing is I don’t dream of my children. In the above dream I was surrounded by babies but none of them were Zach and the older 2 weren’t there at all (hate to think what the dream analysts would say to that!)

So what do you think? Are dreams a way of keeping loved ones alive in our hearts and minds. Is it morbid and unhealthy, denial even? Are we simply replaying events to make sense of them?

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